Don’t rush to throw old jeans


Old jeans are no longer worn. Don’t rush to throw them. The weather gets hotter and hotter. It’s better to start adding a fashionable lace shorts to themselves, which is still very simple, and they don’t need to spend money on new shorts. With a cap to draw semicircle lace in the leg, and then take the scissors to cut the shape of it, is not super simple! But both sides should pay attention to the refurbishment of old jeans minutes, so that a pair of shorts can be worn in this summer.

Do pants change skirts? It’s also easy! Prepare the scissors, sewing machine, first determine the length of cutting, mark with chalk, and then use the scissors for the length, cut off the extra trouser legs. The stitches in the middle of the trouser legs are removed, and the excess material in the middle is cut off and then reassembled and stitched into the shape of a skirt. Isn’t it amazing that the jeans will turn into a crisp cowboy skirt that looks nice and completely refurbished your wardrobe!

The cowboy cloth is a bag, and the personality is fashionable, and it is very convenient to go shopping and go shopping. The old jeans cutting down the appropriate size of the cloth, and portable belt, sew a cloth. The direct use of jeans in the upper can make a big bag, you can tie a string to the waistband, so go shopping is safe.

Would you like a smaller bag? Then use the cloth trousers to do it! Cut a leg, sew a bag shape from the inside. With a piece of soft plastic leather bag cover, knock four buckle fixed, so that your small clamshell package Jiuhaola ~ Jiagen rope hanging, is a cute little bag!


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