Why do the new jeans smell??


The new jeans unpacking when there is always a smell, in fact, this is decided by the washing process of jeans jeans need to go through a process in the production of complete: washing, laser, burn all color cloth, revealing itself cloth embryo color, with the effect of rendering. It’s because this craft jeans have a special smell.

Unqualified, unrinsed jeans directly contact the skin can lead to skin allergies or irritation. Because wearing a pair of jeans is less likely to get respiratory diseases, but it does not exclude the possibility of long term exposure. And in the production of jeans workshop for a long time, large range of contact with formaldehyde, silica workers, it should be highly vigilant.

The adverse effects of formaldehyde in many aspects, can be free from the clothing fiber to the skin, causing skin allergies and irritation. For people with a physical allergy, formaldehyde can induce allergic symptoms such as pruritus, papules and even redness and swelling. For ordinary people, contact with high formaldehyde can stimulate the skin and create a sense of needling, burning, and so on.


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