Does shirt go with jeans?


The shirt is no longer the single job of a professional job. Now the fashionable men have already worn it out of a variety of unexpected flavors. All kinds of collocation and wearing are endless, but the highest rate is the shirt and jeans. Crisp shirt and casual jeans mix together, not only retains the original shirt capable handsome, but also because the jeans with a shirt to break free and easy style of formal sense, the whole body shape and high street fashion, not pick body do not pick people, not only can hold live in the workplace can also be fun street.

The white shirt and blue jeans collocation is the standard, the blue and white colors to create a refreshing feeling, is haihun color is navy blue and white color, most people have a comfortable visual nerve. And with a neutral little handsome. The white shirt collocation bellbottom, much more capable woman, wearing high waisted method is to enhance the ratio of waist leg lengthening, build legs kill, full gas field.

The blue shirts on the basic foundation are easy to wear the image of the “insurer”. But this year’s most popular method is not only fashionable, but also a little sexy. A turn can make you stand out and instantly pull away from the passers-by. And the difference in fabric is to create a rich sense of hierarchy.


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