The broken jeans button


We first look at the structure and composition of the cowboy button, as shown below: acowboy buttons from the top button (A) and the nail (B pieces) two part, which is composed of a button button + button bottom button, from Dilai points of words can be divided into active buttons, glue buttons, single or double core plug plug button. Understanding the basic structure of the jeans button feels that the jeans button assembly is actually quite simple. As shown above, put the cloth between the button and the nail, then hammer it to the bottom of the button so that the button is firmly staple on the cloth.

Now the clothing market, the cobbler, mending clothes shop or some dry cleaners have such a service, but to seek help in these places, you must buy jeans and collocation buttons, they generally will have this kind of buttons to sell, but the general button quality and style is not good, often there will be the quality and style of collocation.

The first bought the button face down on the table, then the position on the clothes button flat on the top of the button foot, note the location put right, clothes down close to the button bottom, take the nail (also called aluminum, foot) tip down position alignment button bottom hammer the nail completely into the button the bottom can be, pay attention to the intensity of force, easy to break the button. Here to remind, button bottom button inside the rubber core because there is a ring, easy matter, also recommend you use rubber buttons. If the jeans button is broken, you can first use the pliers or scissors to cut off the aluminum pins in the clothes, then take the whole buttons off and screw the new buttons.


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