How to spot fake denim jeans


Use sand paper to wipe out a mark on the surface of the trousers. Spray on Potassium Permanganate (commonly known as: monkey), and then put into the washing machine industry, and finally drying out. This is just a process introduction, and it will also be different because of the effect and other reasons. The process and the temperature of washing should not need to be soaked with resin.

Use sand paper to wipe out a large or small area of the trousers. And then sprayed into Potassium Permanganate, industrial washing machine, drying. Hand rub is a deliberately, looks simple, really need to have experience and skills. Especially with Potassium Permanganate with a pair of jeans, hand rub uniform is not uniform, not natural, really is a test of the skills of the master hand rub. Hand rub rub rub the edge of heavy or light, Potassium Permanganate spray light or heavy, uniform is not uniform, will affect the whole pants effect.

It’s the fold that we usually see. To do this, you must first soak the trousers with the resin, then use the high pressure steam iron, press out the wrinkles, and then put into the high temperature oven to shape. The soaking of the resin is also more complex, the soaking time is short, the effect is difficult to come out, and after washing several times it is easy to fade away. For a long time, the fabric will be more brittle, hand a tear, you can get. Usually judge resin dipping well, is crushed or tore through the bottom place.


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