This pair of jeans matches with the four pairs of shoes


Everyone has jeans, if only with small white shoes, it is difficult to avoid some rotten street. After the 4 pairs of shoes, the small editor abandoned the white shoes, after all, “the shoe is not terrible, who is ugly who is embarrassed”. This collocation does not know how much more beautiful than the white shoes!

Every day the blackboard is saying, to be thin, you have to wear sharp shoes.The editor thinks that the top shoes are also the most feminine shoes. With jeans, you can be charming in minutes. The red high heels are more fashionable, and the nine – point pair of jeans and sharp shoes is right.

You can also choose to style high-heeled pointed shoes collocation bellbottom. A slightly more stylish exposed. The tip of the lace is not only breathable, but also more delicate. The bandage style pointed shoes more unique, if the body color is too plain, you can choose a more eye-catching color.

If you say you have the comfort of your slippers, you have the color of the top shoes. It must be a cat and a shoe. This is a lot of girls’ new favorite. Jeans and cats and shoes are the dress of an elegant woman.


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