Prevent color fading by careful washing


Jeans have become the most popular pants. Almost all young people are loyal fans of jeans. But the jeans that they buy home are washed away and they are not as good as newly bought ones. Come together and see how to keep the jeans from falling.

How to prevent jeans from falling color? The first time to wash the jeans, the best salt, because the jeans often wash the words easily fade, and reduce its life, so put some salt. Jeans are not easy to dirty and do not have to be washed often. A lot of washing will be white, and the cloth is bad. In spring, summer and autumn, one or two times a month is done, and the whole winter is only two or three times to be washed. Many friends wearing jeans a little sweat is put in the washing machine, this pair of jeans is a great damage, as much as 6-12 months clean, if the summer sweat a lot, you can own the jeans hanging ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry wind, so on the jeans the smell of sweat will not have.

When jeans are washed and dried, they must be hard after they are dried. Besides the reason why you use detergent, another reason is that there is a glue on the tannin cloth. Therefore, when cleaning for the first time, try not to use machine wash or dry cleaning. It’s best to wear it on your own body. So cleaning jeans will make the jeans more suitable for their legs, and the effect will be better if they wear out. After cleaning, it has to be put in a ventilated place like the upper one, so that it is dry. The new jeans can be soaked in the strong salt water (salty salty salty salt can be done), after a whole day, then rubbed with hand, do not use machine wash. Usually when washing, if you will be cleaned out in rollover dry, can also fade to a minimum degree.


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