I won’t buy jeans any more


Every pair of jeans on the shelf is at the expense of your eyes. Have you ever thought about it before? What is the price of nature and humanity for these cheap goods? How big is the butterfly effect caused by a pair of jeans?

If you talk about one of the most popular items in the fashion world, I think it’s not a pair of jeans. Jeans have been far beyond the “fashion” category, and become the most common basic form of people’s wardrobe. It may be the only fashion item that breaks the barriers of class.

People can buy different price jeans according to their consuming ability in the first tier brand, light luxury brand, fast fashion brand store, chain supermarket, wholesale market, even night market roadside stall. The one thousand – dollar jeans and ninety-nine – yuan jeans don’t look very different in their shape, washing, cutting, and breaking holes… They all have the most popular fashion factors.

One thing in common is that both expensive and cheap jeans mean evil.

When you go into a fast fashion brand store racket, greets you often piled high on the shelves of the jeans, different shades of blue look so fascinating, blue, this is a pleasant relief color.


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