How to pick up good quality jeans


The jeans should be more beautiful, more old and more flavour, and the texture of the fabric is very important. Jeans with bad fabrics can not only wash themselves, but also do not wear, change and fade. They can’t reach the older and more valuable results in the wearing process. At the same time, the added value of jeans is also reflected by washing water, and the quality and effect of washing water is entirely dependent on the texture of the fabric. Without good fabrics, it is impossible to make very high grade washing effect. It can be said that the grade of a pair of jeans, to a large extent, is determined by the grade of the fabric. When picking up the goods, the fabric should be put in the first place.

If a good quality jeans from the wholesaler’s purchase price can be cut to 30 dollars or less, so basically can determine the quality of goods is not good. A good quality jeans can be used to calculate fabric cost, processing cost, excipient cost, washing water cost, circulation cost and business profit. Even during the financial crisis, the cost will not be less than 30 yuan, but this kind of trousers looks almost the same with high-end products. Here is a little trick for you to pick up a pair of jeans that are washed well, stretch the fabric with your hands, and stretch well, then look at the yarns, the yarn arrangement is closely related to the good ones.

Jeans fabric adulteration is mainly mixed with chemical fiber, or cotton, recycled cotton for denim weaving, dyed, usually will not be able to identify the consumer. Now the 10 ring market, good quality point of spinning slubby yarn, usually more than 2 tons, but the recovery of cotton yarn as long as several thousand dollars a ton, so you can get 30 dollars below the goods you don’t think that a good boss to speak. Also say that jeans stretch spandex that useful inferior adulteration, wash several times after what didn’t stretch jeans, the purchase price is relatively low.


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