How should we wash the new jeans?


The newly bought into the water for the first time, to pour some white vinegar in the water (or saline salt concentration is no longer open, at the same time, the degree of saturation) over the pants soaked in about half an hour, to lock the color. Because the dark pants must have a little fade, and the white vinegar (salt) can keep the blue color as far as the original luster.

Please do not soak the pants in hot water, it will have a large degree of shrinkage, the general water temperature is about 30 degrees. If conditions permit, please do not wash jeans with washing machines, which will damage the wrinkles of trousers. If you encounter primary colors, the natural wear and tear of pants will also become unnatural. Do not iron, keep the natural pants.

When washing, it is necessary to remember to turn the inside out to wash, which can effectively reduce the fading. If jeans are not contaminated with oil or other special dirty situations, try to minimize the consumption of laundry fluids (neutral) (try not to use laundry powder, wash the jeans easily with alkaline laundry powder), or even wash with water.

The jeans folded laundry bag. (or hand wash), cleaner use dish detergent (because the general washing powder in order to have white effect) are contained in a composition, bleaching agent, so the jeans fade easily, dishwashing liquid bleaching agent, in addition to the cleaning effect, but also to grease.


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