• Don’t rush to throw old jeans

    Old jeans are no longer worn. Don’t rush to throw them. The weather gets hotter and hotter. It’s better to start adding a fashionable lace shorts to themselves, which is still very simple, and they don’t need to spend money […]

  • Why do the new jeans smell??

    The new jeans unpacking when there is always a smell, in fact, this is decided by the washing process of jeans jeans need to go through a process in the production of complete: washing, laser, burn all color cloth, revealing […]

  • Does shirt go with jeans?

    The shirt is no longer the single job of a professional job. Now the fashionable men have already worn it out of a variety of unexpected flavors. All kinds of collocation and wearing are endless, but the highest rate is […]

  • The broken jeans button

    We first look at the structure and composition of the cowboy button, as shown below: acowboy buttons from the top button (A) and the nail (B pieces) two part, which is composed of a button button + button bottom button, […]

  • How to spot fake denim jeans

    Use sand paper to wipe out a mark on the surface of the trousers. Spray on Potassium Permanganate (commonly known as: monkey), and then put into the washing machine industry, and finally drying out. This is just a process introduction, […]

  • This pair of jeans matches with the four pairs of shoes

    Everyone has jeans, if only with small white shoes, it is difficult to avoid some rotten street. After the 4 pairs of shoes, the small editor abandoned the white shoes, after all, “the shoe is not terrible, who is ugly […]

  • I won’t buy jeans any more

    Every pair of jeans on the shelf is at the expense of your eyes. Have you ever thought about it before? What is the price of nature and humanity for these cheap goods? How big is the butterfly effect caused […]

  • Prevent color fading by careful washing

    Jeans have become the most popular pants. Almost all young people are loyal fans of jeans. But the jeans that they buy home are washed away and they are not as good as newly bought ones. Come together and see […]

  • How to pick up good quality jeans

    The jeans should be more beautiful, more old and more flavour, and the texture of the fabric is very important. Jeans with bad fabrics can not only wash themselves, but also do not wear, change and fade. They can’t reach […]

  • How should we wash the new jeans?

    The newly bought into the water for the first time, to pour some white vinegar in the water (or saline salt concentration is no longer open, at the same time, the degree of saturation) over the pants soaked in about […]